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The Thriving Facilitators Membership

Get out of Survival Mode and Thrive!
- Look after yourself -
- Take your facilitation practice to the next level -
- THRIVE in your purpose-led work -

Come & Join us!



You’re a heart-centred practitioner who wants to bring more of ‘you’ into your work with others but you feel vulnerable and doubtful at times ...

Being part of Thriving Facilitators will help you to lean into your vision, and support you to show up with integrity and authenticity so you can feel confident to know that showing up as YOU is enough.

You came into your profession really wanting to make a difference - in the world, and to the lives of others; but you find the work really challenging and you feel anxious, stressed and exhausted ...

The membership will help you understand the source of anxious and stressed feelings. You'll realise that the things that seemed to make you stressed and anxious will have so much less power in your life. You'll feel more confident and self assured, and you'll stop putting limits on what's possible for you

 "Can't recommend Thriving Facilitators enough. I've been involved from the start, its an invaluable space for personal reflective practice & connecting with practitioners from all over the world with different disciplines is incredible." 

Jennifer Walmsley
Founder CIC, Artistic Director - Bear Face Company

You know that your practice (not to mention your wellbeing) would be enhanced through regular supervision and reflective practice but you lack time and money.

The Thriving Facilitators Membership offers you an affordable and flexible  approach to support for your practice in a group setting (in the comfort of your own home) where you can feel safe and supported to share your challenges and learn from others too.

 "I would highly recommend taking up this opportunity. Thriving Facilitators is a wonderfully safe space and I have learned so much. The impact has been huge - on my work life, relationships & self care" 

Jo Afful
SEN practitioner



What does the membership include exactly? 

  • The Thriving Facilitators Roadmap (£297 value)
  • Monthly Group Coaching / Supervision (£240 value)
  • Monthly Webinar Workshops (£240 value)
  • Community Forum (£100 value)
  • Vault of recorded sessions & workshops  (£250 value)

You get these ADDITIONAL bonuses!

  • Purpose to Practice Workshop (full day) : Aligning your practice with your purpose (£150 value)
  • FREE copy of the next bookclub book (£9 value)
  • PLUS 1-1 Full hour 1-1 coaching / supervision session with Sheila if you sign up for the year (£100 value)
  • Access to up to 6 discounted 1-1 coaching or supervision sessions (£600 value)

VALUE   £ 1,677

£32 per month
or £320 for the year

Get Started today for £32 

 "I cannot recommend this membership enough! In a time when our work in community & education is needed more than ever, and we are facing such huge challenges, there isn't a better time for becoming part of this community" 

Ali Franks
Lecturer, Community Arts Practitioner, Coach 

Course Pricing

"Yes, Yes, Yes. So in! In order for facilitators to thrive and best for those we work with, we need to fill our vessels first ... this is an amazing step forward to having strategic care and support and a place to share and learn "
Varshini Pichemuthu

Artist Director / Facilitator / Artist

"Im in! Fantastic opportunity for facilitators to grow and reflect, and for self care."
Alison Franks

Lecturer, Applied Theatre / Artist

"Im thrilled to have the opportunity to become part of this movement because its so important to care for and support ourselves and each other to grow and to flourish."
Jo Afful

Speech Bubbles facilitator / SEN practitioner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No need to worry if you cant attend a session. I record all of the sessions and I send them out to you. They are also contained on the Thriving Facilitators platform so you can access any workshop or training you have missed and watch them at your leisure. We have members from different time zones such as New Zealand and US and they are managing to fully engage, attend and view the materials.

I am offering reflective practice in a group setting which is a form of supervision (contact me directly if you are interested in 1-1 supervision). My approach draws on the seven-eyed model of supervision. I am currently in training to be a fully qualified supervisor and I have my own supervision.

Don't worry if you have never had supervision before. The sessions are warm, friendly, and non judgemental. Exactly what you need to get support. 

The sessions happen at different times and days over the month ranging from short breakfast sessions at 7.45am, to lunchtime sessions, to evening sessions. You don't have to attend every session. The membership is designed to support you over the course of a year and this is reflected in its pricing. We all have times when we are busy or conversely when we need more support. You will find it a good idea to look at your support needs over the year rather than the week. The sessions are always recorded so you can catch up if you are having a busy period.

Additionally, I use some cool software so it is possible to search through videos, using any word, to find the topic you are interested in. So you don't even have to watch entire session if you don't have time. I also create small videos in the Facebook group which can also serve to keep you connected and thinking about topics even if you are really busy!

Yes if you are paying monthly. If you decide to leave and are paying monthly you can contact me and I will cancel the following month. Easy! If you signed up for the year with the bonuses including free months, you have 30 days following your sign up to decide whether you wish to stay in the membership. 

When you join you will get access to live (online) monthly supervision/reflective practice settings, Coffee morning / lunchtime online meet ups, Monthly Workshops/Trainings, A book club, Access to a private Facebook group, Accountability groups. An online platform with community form containing resources and trainings, A development pathway to support your reflective practice journey.

All the sessions are optional. We have a monthly focus and you can attend as few or many of the sessions as you like. The membership has been designed with busy schedules in mind so there is never any pressure to attend - this would defeat the point of enabling you to feel supported whilst you undertake your busy schedule.

Most sessions are recorded and contained in the Thriving Facilitators members area. I send out a weekly email letting you know whats happening and I often send out links to recordings in the email so its easy for you to access it! 


Be part of shaping this ground breaking initiative of support and reflective practice.

Connect with like minded, super supportive, committed practitioners from all over the world.

Get out of survival mode and commit to thriving in your heart centred practice - doing the work you love.

Commit to the practice of supervision in a safe, supportive environment.



Sheila Preston


So glad you're here! Welcome to my site. 

A bit about me - I am trained as a fitness and nutrition coach and I am also a life coach and supervisor.

At Think Fit Be Fit I support clients experiencing life changes to be body confident and to get fit on their terms not societies. I offer group fitness and personal training programmes.

I am also known as Dr Sheila Preston, a practitioner with over 23 years’ experience in education, community settings. I have trained and supported hundreds of socially engaged artists and practitioners.

I run Thriving Facilitators help brilliantly courageous practitioners who are serving vulnerable or 'hard to reach' groups in challenging settings* These practitioners are committed to working in a heart-centred, relational way with vulnerable or hard to reach communities. I help these amazing practitioners get out of survival mode and THRIVE so they can show up authentically and lead social change without burning out!

*settings such as, prison and probation, schools and universities, pupil referral, day centres, SEN settings, mental health, health care, social services, neighbourhoods.

Whether your starting point is to get fitter and physically stronger or you are wanting support to be mentally stronger in your challenging work. I can help you!

Can't wait!