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Purpose to Practice - Full day Vision and Planning in deep alignment with YOU

Align your Practice, Purpose & Vision for 2021

Full day Workshop
5th January 2020
10 am to 4 pm

Course Summary

Get 2021 off to a great start and set yourself up for success without the stress!

Build a practice you can fall in love with rather than feeling out of integrity.

Get clear on the practice you want to create that is in alignment with your values.

Spend the day working alongside Thriving Facilitators Members and experience being part of a wonderful community.

By the end of the day you will;

Get really clear on your 'purpose' and your big WHY which is so crucial.

Create a practice that is in full alignment with your vision and your purpose so you are always working in integrity.

Set realistic and achievable goals

Understand what might get in the way (including your time and energy) and plan for this

Arrive at a realistic plan that is in line with your values and your real life commitments!

Sheila Preston


So glad you're here! Welcome to my site. 

A bit about me - I am trained as a fitness and nutrition coach and I am also a life coach and supervisor.

At Think Fit Be Fit I support clients experiencing life changes to be body confident and to get fit on their terms not societies. I offer group fitness and personal training programmes.

I am also known as Dr Sheila Preston, a practitioner with over 23 years’ experience in education, community settings. I have trained and supported hundreds of socially engaged artists and practitioners.

I run Thriving Facilitators help brilliantly courageous practitioners who are serving vulnerable or 'hard to reach' groups in challenging settings* These practitioners are committed to working in a heart-centred, relational way with vulnerable or hard to reach communities. I help these amazing practitioners get out of survival mode and THRIVE so they can show up authentically and lead social change without burning out!

*settings such as, prison and probation, schools and universities, pupil referral, day centres, SEN settings, mental health, health care, social services, neighbourhoods.

Whether your starting point is to get fitter and physically stronger or you are wanting support to be mentally stronger in your challenging work. I can help you!

Can't wait! 

Dr Helena Enright

"The Vision and Planning Day really shifted something for me! It didn't feel like we were being told what to do. It was coming from us in a way that was gently guided and held."

Ali Franks

"The Vision and Planning Day was fantastic. I had some real moments of insight "

Jen Walmsley

" As a practitioner its so nice to have someone facilitate for you and give you space to learn.... You feel like you are part of a group "

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